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Pro Waste Solutions, LLC


 Pro Waste Solutions is a residential & commercial waste management company that operates in the great state of Georgia. We strive to provide affordable rates and world class service!    

What we offer


* Affordable Bulk Removal

*Residential Service

* Portable Toilets

* Front Load Service

* Open Top Roll Off Containers

* Compactor Services / Repairs

* Preventative Maintenance Programs

* Pest Control

* Grease Trap Cleaning

* Hood Cleaning

"Smart waste management always saves money!"


 Pro Waste Solutions, LLC experts work to ensure our clients are receiving the most cost-effective rates for their sanitation and facilities service. We have proven to our clients that there is always room to save money. As a client, you can expect Pro Waste Solutions, LLC to perform a complimentary audit of your current trash and facilities service.  Make recommendations for right sized equipment, adjust collection schedules to ensure that you are only paying to transport full containers, monitor your monthly trash invoices to identify errors, and maximize recycling opportunities with the goal of diverting waste away from the landfills. Even if a business is in a franchised waste market, Pro Waste Solutions, LLC will find opportunities that can save you up to 35 percent. We understand that time is money, and you can save both partnering with our company.

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Pro Waste Solutions LLC

15 Perry St Suite 308 Newnan, Ga 30263

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"Smart waste management always saves money!"

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Pro Waste Solutions

15 Perry Street Suite 308, Newnan, Georgia 30263, United States

(877) 233-5742


Monday - Friday: 8am - 7:30pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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