At Pro Waste Solutions USA Inc. we professionally dispose of resident’s bagged waste from their doorstep, ultimately preserving the cleanliness and integrity of the property while maintaining safety and social distancing regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our service is designed to ensure that all trash is recovered on a consistent scheduled basis while providing great customer service!

Taking out the trash is an unpleasant task!

Heavy Bag

Messy Leaks

Inclement Weather

Let Pro Waste Solutions USA do the dirty work for your resident!

PWS USA is fully insured and we are a Compliance Depot Certified

Vendor (Compliance Depot #: 1075715).

Pro Waste Solutions USA Offers:

Exclusive doorstep Trash Pickup 5 Days Per Week.

Trash cleanup around dumpster/compactor area

Excellent communication and efficient customer service

Service Notification Door Hangers

Complimentary waste bins with lid.

Professionally trained employees.

Benefits for Property Managers

  • Achieve higher market rents
  • Supplemental Income Stream | Increased NOI
  • Fully Insured | Compliance Depot: 1075715
  • Quick Valet Trash program deployment for your entire portfolio
  • Clean Compactor and Breezeways
  • No unsightly or foul odor dumpster areas
  • Controls odor and pest problems
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • Start service any time of the year
  • Improved tenant retention rates
  • Reduction of costs of high turnover
  • Expanded amenity offerings
  • Differentiate yourselves from competing properties
  • Tenants of all property types value valet trash service
  • Service and Price options that fit your business model and budget
  • Convenient multi-night pick-up
  • Property Management Orientation
  • Tenant & Staff Orientations
  • Maintenance Supervisor consultation
  • Bulk Item Pick
  • Compactor Services Available
  • Top ranked amenity
  • Appeals to potential tenants
  • Handicapped friendly and Elderly friendly
  • Deters crime. Additional Security: PWS USA employees work at night
  • Providing extra eyes on property.
  • All tenants will use this service year-round!

Benefits for Tenants

Eliminate using your vehicle’s hood or trunk as a garbage truck to transport your trash to the dumpster and potentially leaking smelly juice and trash on your vehicle

No more hauling of multiple heavy trash bags downstairs to dumpster

Increases safety by eliminating nighttime walks to the dumpster area

No more carrying trash to dumpster during inclement weather or Keeping your trash inside of your residence until you are ready to dispose of it

Tenants are provided a free complimentary trash bin with lid


Why Valet Trash You May Ask?

According to a recent national study, “full service trash removal is one of the most requested luxuries residents want in their apartment community”. Not only does full service trash removal expand your amenity package, it also differentiates your property and gives you a competitive edge. Best of all, PWS Valet Trash Services provides you with a supplemental income stream along with reducing your net operating expense!

#1 Community Amenity: 74% of residents rate Valet Trash as the most valued community amenity!

Servicing locations:

South Florida – Broward & Palm Beach Counties